Dyeing: Rainbow Tie-Dye

Print / Dye
60 min
90 min
Price Tier:
Gold (starts at $88 / person)
*includes supplies and shipping
Supply Kit

Show your pride with tie-dye! We’re celebrating all the rainbow colors with our special Pride Rainbow Tie Dye workshop!

Rainbow Tie Dye Bucket Hat Kit:

  • Tulip Rainbow Dye Kit
  • 8″ x 10″ Half-Size Wire Cooling Rack
  • White Bandana
  • White Bucket Hat
  • Plastic Tablecloth
  • Plastic Bag 9×12

Will I need any items from home?
Yes, you will need:

  • We encourage you to set up in a kitchen or other location where you have access to a sink and easy clean up.
  • Use the tablecloth in your kit to spread out and cover your workspace.
  • A small-medium sized bowl or square aluminum pan that will fit under the 8×11” rack.
    • Pan should have sides that are at least 2″ high.
    • Use something that is disposable/recyclable.
    • Use something that NOT used for food.
  • Additional small bowl or access to sink to wet the material.