Craftcare Wellness Series
Crochet: Granny Squares

Dates and Time
Sundays at 10 am EDT,
October 16 – November 6
Craftcare Time
4x 1-hour weekly class
15 min daily independent practice
Final Project
Crocheted Granny Square Pouch
Skill Level


In this Craftcare Wellness Series, we will build on your knowledge of crochet while practicing The Five Elements of Craftcare. Because of its repetitive motion, crocheting is an excellent craft skill for getting into the flow, de-stressing, and improving cognitive capabilities.

You will learn how to create crocheted Granny Squares and stitch them together to build a fashionable pouch. Each 1-hour session will allow attendees to learn techniques and ask questions while giving them the freedom to complete tasks at their own pace. With regular practice and check-in between the classes, expect to complete the pouch, socialize, and develop wellness skills that last a lifetime.

Please note that this is a “camera-on” workshop so participants can see each other. If you prefer to keep your camera off, we recommend you watch the recorded on-demand video after the class and use our private Slack channel for assistance.

The series fee includes: (supply kit sold separately)

  • A series of four virtual live sessions, meeting synchronously
  • Mental wellness monitoring (self-report tracking)
  • Private Slack group with students and JamMaster (teacher)
  • PDF pattern
  • How-to instructions
  • Access to recordings of virtual sessions for asynchronous learning

Supply Kit:

  • 3 Balls of Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn
  • 1 Crochet Hook, 5mm (Size H-8)
  • 5 Stitch Markers
  • 1 Darning Needle
  • 1 Tape Measure
  • 1 Reusable CraftJam Canvas Pouch

Our Method

two women smiling

Feeling social?

Ask questions, share your project and get help if you’re stuck.

We offer four live stream sessions with your JamMaster, which allows for conversation and questions. You will see the JamMaster, a closeup of their hands, and the other attendees.

We also offer regular 15 minute practice sessions where you can crochet and get your regular brain exercise with your peers.

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Prefer working alone?

Or missed a session? Learn asynchronously.

Watch recorded sessions and check out technique videos and illustrations. All anytime, on-demand.

Every attendee will have access to a private Slack channel to ask questions and share progress or inspirations asynchronously.

Craftcare Wellness Tracking: Before and after each session we’ll send an automated message asking you to rate how you’re feeling. We help you to track the positive impact crafting can have on you.

Meet your
JamMaster Jessica

About Jessica

Jessica is a creator, sustainable fashion stylist, ex-fashion professor, and coach. She runs her own small business called All There August, highlighting veganism, animal welfare, and ethical fashion through community events and ethical handmade goods. Additionally, she has spoken at vegan festivals and vegan fashion week about a cruelty-free lifestyle.

She has been creating and crafting since she was a kid. Jess makes through crochet, sewing, embroidery, painting, drawing, upcycling, and more while using used and existing material or ethically sourced pieces.

Crochet Series Timeline

Session # 1

  • Intro to the class what we will learn and get to know each other
  • Brush up on holding yarn and hook
  • Create a ring (row 1)
  • Switch yarn colors

Session # 2

  • Create puffs (row 2)
  • Make bobbles (row 3)

Session # 3

  • Brush up/learn half double, double, and triple crochet (hdc, dc, tc) to add frame and edges to a circle to create a square (row 4)
  • Brush up on sewing in ends
  • Prepare for blocking
  • Start strap

Session # 4

  • Assemble blocked squares into pouch
  • Attach strap
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Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is for people who attended our beginner crochet tassel rug coasters and/or know how to hold the hook and yarn and can start a project and do simple stitches (e.g. single crochet).

What is the time commitment for this series?

We recommend spending about 2 hours per week: one-hour attending and one-hour practicing. 

I can not attend all the synchronous workshops. Can I still take this series?

 If you’re missing a live-stream session, watch the recordings to keep up.  

Do I need to buy any materials for this series?

Yes. You can either buy our kit with the necessary tools and materials to complete your projector or bring your own. Make sure you have the right hook size and corresponding yarn.

How do I get feedback and support if I’m having trouble?

You can ask your JamMaster (instructor) during the live-stream class, your peers during check-in sessions (Daily Craftcare), or text us asynchronously in our private Slack channel.

How long after the series will I have access to the video content?

You will have access to the series for a month after the workshop ended. 

What’s included in the price?

  • A series of four 1-hour virtual live-stream Workshop sessions, meeting synchronously.
  • Daily Craftcare Meetups (weekdays Mo-Fr) via Zoom.
  • Mental wellness monitoring (self-reported)
  • Private Slack group with students and JamMaster (teacher)
  • PDF pattern
  • How-to instructions
  • Access to recordings of virtual sessions for asynchronous learning

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