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Learn about the science behind our Craftcare Workshops.

What makes
us different?

We applied the latest neuroplasticity and behavior change research to develop Craftcare Workshops.

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Meet Dr. Danielle Ramo

Clinical Psychologist and CraftJam Advisor

Dr. Danielle Ramo is a clinical psychologist and research leader in mental health and wellbeing in the digital age.

She works at the cross-section of product design (infusing science-backed principles into digital mental health products), research (leading evaluations of behavior change tech), and industry/academic collaborations to support improving the lives of people.

Dr Ramo has designed the Five Elements of Craftcare and training materials to help increase the wellbeing and performance of  Craftcare Workshop attendees.

Craftcare Workshops are built on the three foundational pillars of happiness:




And incorporate the practices of:



A strong crafting exercise can literally rewire your brain.

After eight weeks of crafting with no prior experience, participants in a clinical study saw improvement in at least one cognitive area:

  • Fine-motor speed
  • Short term and long term memory
  • Attention
  • Verbal recall

Exercising the Five Elements of Craftcare Improves Your Well-being


/ˈpɜrpəs/ noun


A sense of purpose is an intention to do something in the world. Having a strong sense of purpose serves as a source of protection in the face of stress and challenge. 

Crafting promotes purpose through creation, which is self-expression. It encourages generosity in the form of gift-giving.


\kə-ˈnek-shən\ noun


Social connection is more important than ever, especially after long stretches of COVID-related isolation and solitude. The social part of CraftJam’s Craftcare Workshops are inherently fostering connection. We foster relationships among attendees during the event and encourage to connect afterwards. Crafting can be a literal way to make new friends.


\kən-ˈtrōl \ verb


A sense of control in life, a learned, generalized belief that one can and does master and shape one’s own life, is protective against depression and anxiety, especially in times of stress and change. People with a high sense of control weather challenges better than those who feel powerless. Crafting exercise can help develop a sense of control by creating unique and personal pieces and finishing with an actual physical result.


/ˈmīn(d)f(ə)lnəs/ noun


Our Craftcare Workshops have the power of being mindful experiences. We ask attendees to be intentional at the beginning of each event.


\ˈri-chə-wəl , -chəl; ˈrich-wəl\ adjective


Rituals are helping us be our best selves and achieve our goals. Rituals are grounding and allow us to connect to mindfulness and control. And crafting can be ritualistic (as most of us know!) 

We can connect crafting to ritualistic events like holidays, or birthdays or team gatherings.

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