Our Team

headshot of woman holding needle felted monkey

Nora Abousteit

Founder + CEO

Nora lives and breathes arts and crafts and is a serial entrepreneur who has started three companies helping people to make things. After BurdaStyle.com and Kollabora her latest business is CraftJam. When not crunching numbers on spreadsheets she probably knits or sews teddy bears, beanies, and jackets for her (cute and fun) toddler.

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Meg Glasser

Head of Operations

Meg is passionate about launching and scaling new businesses that are rooted in creative communities. Before CraftJam, Meg was at Good Eggs and GlamSquad, where she brought together the makers and creatives that drove the business. Raised by a textile artist and dressmaker, Meg was drawn to crafts at a young age. At age 11 she had her own quilt-making business and eventually earned a degree in Textile Arts.

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Maddie Hatoum

Social Media Manager

With a background in marketing and design Maddie is passionate about expanding and cultivating our community of Jammers through social media. From a young age Maddie spent her time doodling, painting and crafting and loves to bring creativity to everything she does. When she’s not creating new content she’s crocheting her friends and family funky clothing.


Karen O’Connor

Customer Success Manager

Karen has a tech background with a creative heart. She is passionate about helping customers and providing an exceptional customer experience. She is always up for learning a new craft and has done everything from applique to decoupage and especially enjoys memory keeping crafts. Getting into a creative flow and losing track of time is her idea of the perfect way to spend a day.

Tess Larson

Inventory Specialist

What crafting means to Tess:
“My mother always had a craft room and when we were put in timeout as children she always made us craft. She would say: do not wait for someone else to make you feel better, go make something.”

Sarah Messina

Community Builder

As a little girl boxes of beads, sequins, fabric, handmade paper, wreaths and puffy paint filled her childhood afternoons. Constantly excited about what colorful and unique things she could come up with next. Now, Sarah continues to get joy from creating for a living as an artist, designer, teacher and event coordinator. She feels sharing that creativity with others in her community is absolutely priceless.

Joanna Kline

Joanna Kline

Product + UX/UI Manager

With a background in Product Management, Joanna is passionate about uncovering the needs and desires of customers and creating creating compelling digital experiences that exceed their expectations. Joanna is known as the “crafty friend” and loves to add her personal touch anywhere she can. Whether it’s a handmade gift or a DIY house project, she is happiest when she’s being creative.