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Team Performance

We assembled and tested high-quality Kits for each Craftcare Workshop.

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2020.09.22 13
2020.07.18 Modernweavingkit Izzydow Horizontal V2
flatlay of craftjam Needle felting kit
flatlay of craftjam Leather wallet kit
flatlay of craftjam zodiac watercolor kit
flatlay of craftjam Block printing kit

Our craft Kits are carefully sourced and tested by craft and education experts to ensure you have a successful Craftcare Workshop and can continue using the supplies long after. Providing Kits means everyone has the same starting point and sends the messages that “We’re all in this together.”

Enjoy our seamless event planning.

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End-To-End Logistics

We oversee all the logistics leading up to and during your event and will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure key milestones are met so that everything runs smoothly on the day of your event.
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Full Coordination

We coordinate and provide information and regular updates to all key stakeholders: clients, attendees, and instructors.
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Efficient Hassle Free Shipping

We track your package all the way to its final destination. International shipping? No problem! We ship all over the world and can manage the customs and import process for you.

Live Workshops Taught by Real People

Our talented JamMasters will do more than teach your employees a skill, they will aid in building relationships and fostering a sense of community.

Jennifer Fleischer

Jennifer Fleischer

Jennifer Fleischer is a weaver and fiber artist based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rebekah Thornhill

Rebekah creates sustainable, fun, and affordable 3D printed jewelry based in New York City.

Alexandra Greco

Alexandra is a Queens, NY-based hand lettering artist and zookeeper, responsible for the care of gorillas and sea lions.


Jenn Luu

Senior Manager, Global Internal Events

Laura Miller

Manager of Recruiting Operations

Kevin Boehm

Sr. Associate Director of Student Affairs, Harvard Graduate School of Education
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Meet our transparent workshop pricing. Kits and shipping included.

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