Real people,
real time,
real community.

Women smiling and holding embroidered designs

Our workshops have the power of being mindful experiences: (Social) crafting promotes purpose through creation. And creation is self-expression (and can be generosity in the form of gift-giving). We know there’s a maker in all of us—someone who wants to reconnect their mind to their hands, while connecting with others, too. That inner maker just needs the space to shine.

That space is CraftJam.

We started out in 2016 in New York City, evolving from an earlier crafting community called Kollabora. Our first brick and mortar was a 330 sq ft SoHo studio, but today we host workshops all over the world (wide web) and starting (again) to see you IRL.

Our high quality, modern lessons are taught live by real people across a range of levels and schedules. Just for you. Want to rewire your brain, one stitch at a time? Bring nimble hands and an open mind. This is more than a craft hour.

This is your jam.

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Let’s jam!

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