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CraftJam uses the science of neuroplasticity and the technique of crafting to help groups feel and connect better – in-person, virtual, and hybrid.


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A strong crafting exercise can literally rewire your brain.

After eight weeks of crafting with no prior experience, participants in a clinical study saw improvement in at least one cognitive area:

  • Fine-motor speed
  • Attention
  • Short-term and
    long-term memory
  • Verbal recall

Support your employees’ health and wellness through Craftcare Workshops.

Craftcare is self-care gained from the benefits of a regular craft exercise. Craftcare Workshops include five elements:



Mindfulness is the human ability to be fully aware of our thoughts and feelings.


A strong purpose serves as a source of protection in the face of stress and challenge.


Crafting brings a sense of community through a shared activity.


A sense of control in life is protective against depression and anxiety, especially in times of stress and change.


Routine and good habits are the key to happiness and lifelong health.

We created a unique Craftcare Curriculum to address the challenges of the world today.

4 million+

Americans are quitting their job each month

$44 billion

is lost in work productivity due to depression alone.


of adults report symptoms of anxiety or depression
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How we reduce burnout

Centered in mindfulness, participants
are encouraged to minimize distractions (phones, etc.) and let go of everything else.
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How we address anxiety

Purpose and control combat stress and anxiety. Participants are encouraged to set an intention for their session and are encouraged to incorporate their new craft skill into their existing rituals or to create new rituals centered in crafting.
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How we combat lonliness

Fostering connection is a top priority and manifests itself though organic conversation and asking questions that help with interactions during and after the Workshop.

Live Workshops Taught by Real People.

Our talented JamMasters will do more than teach your employees a skill. They will aid in building relationships and fostering a sense of community.


Jennifer Fleischer

Jennifer Fleischer is a weaver and fiber artist based in Nashville Tennessee.

Rebekah Thornhill

Rebekah creates sustainable, fun, and affordable 3D printed jewelry.

Alexandra Greco

Alexandra is a Queens-based hand lettering artist and zookeeper, responsible for the care of gorillas and sea lions.

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