What’s better than a DIY holiday project? A DIY holiday project you can eat! Start the season off right with our newest seasonal CraftJam offering and to learn how to paint 100% edible watercolor cookies.

Our expert JamMaster will teach you how to prepare your icing plus share a few fun, whimsical techniques that can be used to decorate your gorgeous cookies. Designs range from holiday florals and snowflakes, to patterns and classic holiday sayings. These cookies will definitely make you the hit of any holiday party, that is if you don’t eat them all on the way home!

Absolutely no experience is necessary. In under two hours, a certified JamMaster will teach you everything you need to know, including:

  • How to create the edible watercolor

  • How to roll fondant

  • How to do simple lettering for short phrases

  • Simple patterns and illustrations

  • How to use stencils

We have all the tools you need, including a set of six pre-made cookies, an array of food coloring colors, and pastry brushes.

BYOB and BYB (Bring Your Buddies), because crafting is paired best with good company and your favorite drink.