Twitch was looking for a vendor to facilitate team building and increase employee connection while fostering wellness at their New York City office. CraftJam’s mastery of creating social and creative Craftcare Workshops where people connect, shine, and feel good made it the perfect fit for this in-person celebration.


What Is CraftJam

CraftJam provides science-based brain improvement through crafting. Our tactile learning experiences are for teams and individuals looking to enhance performance, brain health, and overall wellness. Based on decades of research and repeated experience in crafting entrepreneurship, CraftJam delivers a fresh solution for self-care and socialization.

Fortune 100 companies regularly use CraftJam’s highly engaging 100+ Craft Workshops (we ship internationally) to drive engagement and improve wellbeing (NPS 88, Customer Satisfaction Score 96%.)


About Twitch

Started in 2011, Twitch is a online live steaming serving and chat room server mainly focused on gaming communities. With a massive user base of over 15 million Twitch is a giant in its industry.

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The Results

Attendees of the Twitch event left with new skills, beautiful projects that remind them of the event, and a deeper connection with their coworkers.

Cultivate Your Workplace Culture with Our Craftcare Workshops

Contact us for more information on how we can help you provide ongoing engagement and connection to your employees.


Science Behind (Social) Crafting

BetterUp’s new research report, “ The Connection Crisis: Why community matters in the new world of work,” shows that highly connected employees have:

  • 34% greater goal attainment
  • 36% boost in well-being
  • 59% more positive relationships
  • 92% more professional growth

CraftJam was an absolute pleasure to work with! From handling the logistics to hosting fun and engaging events, they did it all!


That’s what organizers have to say about us:

“CraftJam makes it so easy to bring our employees together. They created a beautiful and calming space where employees could come together to create something beautiful and learn a new skill while getting to know their fellow colleagues a little bit better.”

“Karen, CraftJam’s Customer Success Manager, was very diligent, kept me accountable, organized, and thorough!”


CraftJam provides evidence based self-care and makes crafting modern, social, and memorable.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you provide ongoing engagement and connection to your employees.