Common is the nation’s leading residential brand and operating platform that designs leases and manages multifamily properties that appeal to today’s renters.

With a focus on offering a variety of experiences for its members, Common partnered with CraftJam to deliver a rotating lineup of craft-based wellness activities each month.

CraftJam’s turnkey virtual offerings allow these residents throughout the country to join from any location and build community, learn new and deepen existing skills.

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What is CraftJam

CraftJam uses the science of neuroplasticity and the technique of crafting to help groups feel and connect better.

CraftJam has a five-year record of helping leading companies, educational institutions, and nonprofits build strong inperson, virtual, and hybrid communities.

Fortune 100 companies regularly use CraftJam’s highly engaging 100+ Craft Workshops (we ship internationally) to drive engagement and improve wellbeing (Customer Satisfaction Score 96% ).

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About Common

Common was founded in 2015 and is a global residential manager making city living easier for renters through the thoughtful use of technology and design. Common delivers exceptional experiences for thousands of residents across coliving, microunits, and traditional apartments.

They are the preferred choice for residents looking for stress-free city living from a trusted brand, and for real estate owners seeking reliable, above-market returns.

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Common’s Goals

Common is always looking for great partners to create events for its rotating community of over 7,000 members. Brooke Herda, Onboarding and Experience Manager at Common, has worked with various vendors to help meet the needs of her residents through social and skill-building events. These social activities build and reinforce the community they have created.

Common was looking for long-term relationships with vendors who provide a wide selection of activities while offering a turnkey booking and event coordination process.

Before working with CraftJam, Brooke said finding a seamless experience for Common members was challenging.

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CraftJam Met Common’s Needs

Common started to use CraftJam’s services in April 2020 to provide ongoing, monthly activities for its members.

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Participants build connections through crafting with live-streamed workshops and an instructor who engages attendees and answers questions as they arise.

drawing of two ticketsCommon prefers individual events to include around 20 participants to ensure an intimate atmosphere.

check markWith over 100 workshops, seasonal offerings, and flexibility around scheduling, CraftJam has been able to help Common meet its goal of offering myriad, inspiring, community-focused events.

outline of a clockVarious times and days of the activities allow more members to join, and CraftJam provides this flexibility.

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Common’s Implementation of CraftJam’s Workshop into Its Event Offerings is Seamless and Time-saving.

Brooke Herda, Common’s Onboarding and Experience Manager, selects based on variety and budget from CraftJam’s 100+ workshop catalog and submits the tenants’ shipping information. Then CraftJam manages the rest of the process, including all follow-ups with the members.

CraftJam has helped streamline the booking and event management process, significantly reducing the time Brooke needs to spend each month managing the events.

Since the initial workshop, Common has scheduled nearly 100 workshops with CraftJam across more than 20 different craft categories, offered to over 750 members. Many members regularly attend, enjoying the consistency of quality and new friendships. The attendance repeat rate is 66%.

Cultivate Your Community with Our Craft Workshops

Contact us for more information on how we can help you provide ongoing engagement and connection to your members.

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The Science behind CraftJam’s Craftcare Helped Common to Address COVID Challenges.

CraftJam’s events provided a crucial key to overcoming the isolation that many members experienced by creating a virtual space focused on connecting. CraftJam also functioned as a perfect solution to build community during the height of COVID, when Common had to shut down most social events.

CraftJam has partnered with renowned psychologist Dr. Danielle Ramo to create The Five Elements of Craftcare: Purpose, Connection, and Control (the three pillars of happiness) and Mindfulness and Ritual.

These elements are part of every CraftJam workshop resulting in evidence-based brain and mental health benefits.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with CraftJam! They make the event booking process super easy and seamless, and everyone I have worked with is always so friendly too.
Our members love the CraftJam events, and they continually fill up within minutes and have long waitlists. Despite returning to in-person offerings for most of our events, our residents have made it clear that they don’t want the virtual craft events to go anywhere!”

Brooke Herda, Onboarding and Experience Manager
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Attendees Love Our Workshops

Host was very kind, sociable and knowledgeable! Would definitely take a class with her again.

It was a very helpful and peaceful class. I learned a lot.

It was amazing! I was a complete beginner and learned a lot during the web jam. Thank you for providing such a nice event.

The host was super kind and helpful. She happily answered all my questions (thoroughly, I must say!) and provided resources to help further the participants understand and enjoy the experience.

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CraftJam provides evidence based self-care and makes crafting modern, social, and memorable.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you provide ongoing engagement and connection to your members.