We are thrilled to share that CraftJam has made the cover of the LA Times with an exciting write-up about the growing popularity of crafting in the corporate world, and the link to cognitive improvement. 

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In the article, ‘Stressed staff? Try crafting classes’ with the section title ‘Move over happy hour, there’s a new corporate response to stressed-out workers’, CraftJam clients like Twitch, Zynga, and Olo explain why they continue to book with CraftJam. 

It’s approachable and for everyone,” explains Chloe Tsakiris, senior associate of employee engagement at Olo, a B2B company focused on digital solutions for restaurants and a CraftJam client.

“We wanted something more robust, and something people could take away from experience.”

Expanding What Wellness Means

At CraftJam we believe that deep cognitive benefits are what makes our workshops so special. 

Workshops like CraftJam emphasize that art is not about competition or perfection but rather about cognitive improvement and well-being. In time, participants might become more confident and discover a self-mastery that they never knew they possessed.

The skill-building aspect greatly appeals to companies, which hope that confidence might show up in different areas of employees’ work, motivating them to explore new avenues or take innovative risks.”


Craftcare at Work

Participants […] vouch for the calming effects of crafting. Attendees can become so absorbed in their project that workplace stressors melt away, prompting them to focus on the present. CraftJam even coined a new term, “craftcare,” a combination of crafting and self-care.

“When you craft, you’re fully in control,” explains Abousteit. “You don’t have endless emails, a never-ending Twitter feed or whatever distracts you.”

Everyone is Creative

“A lot of people were taught art incorrectly and they lost confidence. They think they’re not creative,” says CraftJam’s Abousteit. Art education can sometimes be counterproductive, she notes, pointing to grades that might make some people feel insecure about their artistic abilities. “It’s almost like grading one’s personality.”

A big thank you to Rina Raphael and the LA Times for featuring CraftJam and taking the time and care to share what we do in such a meaningful format.

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