We’re thrilled to be featured in a one-page article in the business section of one of Germany’s most prominent newspapers Sueddeutsche Zeitung with an exciting summary of the company’s journey over the last few years navigating the pandemic, and where we are headed in the future as a start-up at the crux of wellness and crafting. 

“She offered something that was missing and something difficult to accomplish […]: togetherness.”

Where CraftJam Began

cover of a german newspaper showing an article about CraftJam“Before the pandemic, the company was different. Nora Abousteit’s studio was in the cool part of New York’s Soho. A large window with a view of Sullivan Street and all the yellow cabs, the crowds of tourists, and the bustle of the City. Inside 30 square meters of space for handicrafts, crocheting, and painting. CraftJam hosted creative workshops for individuals in this small shop, but also for companies: a handicraft event on the rooftop terraces of high-rise buildings overlooking Manhattan.

Her startup, CraftJam, was doing really well. “Then Covid came and it was over from one day to the next,” she says. However, it wasn’t the end. Aboutteit changed their business model set up and like so many small businesses, moved online.”

The Wellness and Science of Crafting

“With a psychologist, Abousteit developed the program and instructor training based on neuroscientific studies.”

“People are coming together , putting away their mobiles and creating something that leads to a direct result. They get positive feedback. Afterward, they’re wondering why they’re not doing that all the time.”

Crafting for Teambuilding

“A team is more than the sum of its parts” says “A leader has a duty of care for the team and must also take care of the interpersonal aspects.” 

She recommends shared experiences. “It is just something different, together in to go on the high ropes course,” says the professor. “Then you have an experience that you can build on together.”

Women laughing while macraming plant hangers

“Historically speaking, people always gathered to craft together. They were already sitting together to file spearheads in the stone age.”Thank you, Kathrin Werner, for your interest and for writing such an excellent article. To read the full German article check it out here.