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We all know the feeling: A long day looking at our computers, our phones, bouncing from one Slack channel to another in a frenzy of activity. It feels like we’re getting something done, but it also sort of feels like we’re getting nothing done. Now imagine a whole team feeling that way? A whole company? It’s the kind of digital slide into wasted meetings, hours and days that saps the fun from work — and eventually the energy and profits.

In a way, it’s as if we’re forgetting just what it feels like to be productive. The mania for the Marie Kondo cleaning method partly reflects this: At least at the end of your day of organizing you can see what you’ve done with your own hands. Now imagine if you could have a Marie Kondo like retraining of your brain or the brains of your team? You could learn again what it feels like to make real progress.

Get into the “flow”


The idea is to get back to the “flow” state in which progress on a task is so interesting and rewarding that time disappears and you just enjoy the moment and the productivity. The best way to regain that sense of accomplishment it to experience it, which is why creative experiences are becoming the “go-to” tool for managers, recruiters and salespeople who want to reward teams, energize employees and bond with customers in a new way. After all, happy hour and athletic outings don’t appeal to a large part of the workforce, those who don’t want to drink alcohol or shy away from competition based on physical demands


Enter Crafting, which is an activity that puts you into the “flow”, feeling like nothing else seems to matter. And that flow is the secret to happiness. It’s no surprise that Harvard has recently started a crafting program to reduce stress. In an age where we’re all on screens all the time, a “hands on, screens off” break is an unusual treat. It’s a chance to get your employees or customers to slow down, to relax, and to think in new ways. And: To bond.

Various companies and institutions are now regularly hiring artists and crafters to conduct DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops. It’s like a workplace sewing circle, a place to sit and chat and learn and make.

Learn, craft, connect

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Enter: CraftJam. CraftJam is the SoHo NYC-based “experience-first” company that is making crafting cool, social and memorable. Led by energetic JamMasters (specially trained teachers) who guide happy Jammers (attendees) to learn, craft, and connect. We offer a high-quality, turnkey solution to craft-based flow and fun activities.

CraftJam Corporate brings the same fun intensity to organizations looking to build teams, make sales, strengthen loyalty and inject some fun and bonding into the workplace.


We hold workshops in our SoHo Studio or at the company’s location, for anywhere from 10 to 1000 people. A menu of dozens of kinds of classes to choose from will fit exactly what you need. Our team of event managers craft an event or event series that teaches a new skill and addresses your own KPI. Whether it’s team building, sales, loyalty or stress-relief for your employees we have a craft that fits.

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