Build teams, make sales, strengthen, loyalty, and have fun!

Treat your clients and employees to a fun and creative crafting experience. CraftJams are DIY workshops where anyone can make a cool craft project in an upbeat and supportive environment while learning something new.

Led by our energetic JamMasters, our turn-key “CraftJam Corporate” solutions are perfect for organizations and Fortune 100 companies looking to build teams, make sales, strengthen loyalty while injecting some fun and bonding into the workplace.

Our Jams are the perfect solution for your team building, client appreciation, influencer events, or product launch needs. We’re helping the corporate world organize events that are both creative and unique

How It Works


We hold classes in our SoHo studio or at a location of your choice, for anywhere from 10 to 1000 people. We have a menu of dozens of kinds of classes you can choose from -- and we’ll work with you to make sure that the craft class you get fits exactly what you need. 

Our team of event managers craft an event or event series that teaches attendees new skills and addresses your own KPI, whether it’s team building or stress-relief for your employees or appreciation for your clients. 

All materials and supplies are included as well as set-up and clean-up. We train our JamMaster (teachers) to ensure that every participant has a good time, feels accomplished, and bonds with their peers.

Workshops can range from quick 5-15 minute “Make & Takes” to 2-hour structured workshops based on your needs.

Why It Works

Crafting is an activity that puts you into the “flow”, feeling like nothing else seems to matter. And flow is the secret to happiness. It’s no surprise that Harvard has recently started a crafting program to reduce stress.

In an age where we’re all on screens all the time, a “hands-on, screens off” break is an unusual treat. It’s a chance to get your employees or customers to slow down, to relax, and to think in new ways. And: To bond

CraftJam isn’t just about crafting, it's a social and creative experience. 

Available CraftJams

CraftJam offers over 35 workshops, including these popular options. Find a full list of offerings here. Don’t see what you are looking for, reach out and we will help customize something for you.

Examples of Popular CraftJams


Succulent Pots CraftJam

Paint a set of terracotta pots and plant them with the most adorable succulents. Suitable even for people born without a green thumb!

Level: Beginner friendly
Time: 2 hours
Mood: Party!


Floral Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor is a versatile water-based medium that is perfect for making free-flowing artwork.

Level: Beginner friendly
Time: 2 hours
Mood: Focused

Glass Etching CraftJam

Enjoy drinks in style with glasses you designed.Design a set of 2 glasses and learn to this amazing technique.

Level: Beginner friendly
Time: 2 hours
Mood: Focused


Leather Wallet CraftJam

Get a head start on leather crafting and make a stylish leather wallet customized with your initials.

Level: Beginner friendly
Time: 2 hours
Mood: Relaxed


We’d love to talk to you to understand what your needs and goals are to make sure we plan a truly special event. Just get in touch with us with the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 1.06.52 PM.png
It was a pleasure working with the CraftJam team. CraftJam produced the promotional assets, which we both simultaneously shared via our social networks. The workshop was a hit with our customers and the CraftJam team was well prepared the day of. The workshop itself was educational yet upbeat and fun. Everyone had a great time. I would definitely recommend working with CraftJam in any capacity.
— Erin Marino, PR & Marketing Manager, The Sill
Our clients loved it and kept saying how creative and different it was compared to other events they typically go to.
— Amy Parise, Senior Account Executive, OwnerIQ
Our customers loved the trendy and quick DIY projects. It helped our store to increase foot traffic, engagement and potential clients. Memorable experiences are so vital for our retail stores. We’d love to work with CraftJam again!
— Eric Sauma, Owner, Mood Fabrics