As the weather heats up and we’re starting to leave our homes again the creativity across fashion, art and craft are blossoming. Each week at CraftJam we share our trends and finds to inform our online workshop development. From rainbows to elevated upcycling we’re sharing what informs our virtual workshop creation. 



Via @roomshop on Instagram.

Scrunchies are here to stay. Starting in 2020 we saw a huge rise in the popularity of the vintage hair tie. Continuing into 2021 we’re seeing the scrunchie popularity radiate into luxury and casual wear. Speaking of luxury we’re seeing everyone from Ganni to Prada to Versace recreate this iconic item. We also love how the scrunchie is merging with the arts and crafts trends to create some really amazing iterations from crochet to leather!

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Via @ruacarlota on Instagram.

Speaking of sewing workshops, sustainability is more popular than ever and we love the effects of the upcycling trend. Especially popular have been these patchwork designs popping up in fashion. From the designer Rua Carlota who blew up last year for her lettuce-edge upcycled pieces, to the hundreds of sellers on Depop and Instagram who are crafting some amazing patchwork pieces, we are loving the versatility of this trend.

Not only are patchwork tops growing in popularity, but we are also seeing a rise in patched and modified denim using different materials like paint and embellishment. Spanning from the 70’s trends to the rise in Y2K we can’t wait to see what fashion moments come out of this trend.

Kick-off your patchwork journey with us and learn the sewing basics in our Beginner Sewing Bandana Top workshop! You’ll learn how to sew together basic bandanas into a super cute top.

Checker Pattern

Via @kjplumb on Instagram.

From rugs, clothing, towels, and home decor, the checker is firmly here to stay. We’re seeing this pattern absolutely everywhere as brands like Holiday the Label and artist KJP’s collaboration with gen z darling Lisa Says Gah is helping to keep the check relevant. We love how a colorful checkerboard pattern can be the ticket to a statement piece which is why we added an extra special workshop, Polymer Clay Checkerboard Earrings! Make and wear your own checked earrings with us. 

Tiny Bags

Via @jacquemus on Instagram

We’ve noticed an uptick in tiny art pieces and we are here for it! Fashion imitates art as they say and we are seeing the tiny bag trend hold strong for 2021. Jacquemus debuted their tiny Le Chiquito Bag in 2019 and we’ve been hooked ever since.

As we start to go out again, we are going to see tons of these little bags and phone holders, so why not make your own? This June we debuted the super cute and super useful Vaccine Passport Holder workshop, a fun twist on our classic leather wallet making! Create your own tiny bag this summer and carry out your vaccine card, and all your other essentials hands-free.


Create rainbow tie-dye and needle felted rainbows with us!

We saved the best for last, June is Pride Month and the rainbow is EVERYWHERE. From high to low fashion this month is for wearing your pride on your sleeve. We crafted several extra special workshops for you to make your own pride wear, whether you’re attending your local parade or just want to show your support from home. Learn how to tie-dye and upcycle your faded whites in Pride Rainbow Tie Dye. Looking for something a little more subtle? Try our newest needle felting workshop, Rainbow Felted Earrings!

What trends are you seeing popping up this June? We love your suggestions so feel free to reach out to us via DM on Instagram or to let us know what live workshops you want to see!