Four Part Series: Needle Felted Succulents

Embroidery + Needlework
Skill Level:
Supply Kit

In this beginner Craftcare Wellness Workshop Series, we will guide you through the fundamentals of needle felting while practicing The Five Elements of Craftcare. Creating 3D objects by needle felting is a great way to work with your hands to de-escalate anxiety, feel positive, and practice strengthening your focusing capabilities.

You will learn the fundamentals of needle felting, working with wool and barbed needles, and creating 3D objects. Each 1-hour session will allow attendees to learn techniques and ask questions while giving them the freedom to complete tasks at their own pace. With regular practice and check-in between the classes, expect to complete four needle felted structures, socialize, and develop wellness skills that last a lifetime.

Needle Felted Succulent Kit:

  • 12 Colors of Wool Roving – colors will vary based on availability
  • White Core Wool Batting
  • #38 Triangle Felting Needles
  • 4×4″ Foam Block
  • Needle Felting Instructions
  • 3” terra cotta pots (3)
Where should I do this craft?
We recommend:
  • Participants work at a table or crafting space that is stable and clear of other items.
  • Have chairs available at the workspace.
  • This activity should not be done on a couch, floor or other similar location.