For our next #MyCreativeCorner we are featuring the one and only Jennie from @oxfordcommacompany! After leaving her corporate design job three years ago Jennie rediscovered her love for art and close connections which sent her on a journey to create her own small business and join on as a JamMaster with CraftJam! ☁️Here’s an inspiring look into her cozy Brooklyn studio space and incredible artwork.

What led you to your creative passion?

“I’ve always been a creative person, stuck somewhere in between the fine art world and the craft one. After a career in fashion left me feeling burned out, I rediscovered my love of art with the help of a dollar store Crayola watercolor set.

Playing around with colorful, whimsical floral paintings brought the joy of making back into my life, connected me to a lovely community of like-minded creatives, and has since become my new career as a freelance artist!”


What inspires you about your creative corner?


“I love being surrounded by beautiful things – mostly art collected from friends I admire. Everything I need is easily within reach, and I can keep recent works hanging on my wall until I decide what to do with them!”

Favorite part of your space?

“My bright natural light and entire wall of art.”

What are you working on right now?

“I’m turning some of my art into prints to sell and experimenting with paper collage using my watercolor scraps.”

Project you’re most proud of?

“It’s hard to choose (and remember!) all the things I’ve made, but one of my first forays into collage recently really clicked. I cut up some old watercolor practice pages and rearranged them into a beautiful bouquet- I love it!”

What craft are you focused on right now?

“As a Gemini, I am easily-bored and often working on lots of projects at once! I usually oscillate between embroidery and watercolor, as well as illustration and paper collage. I never lost my love of textiles, so I have ambitions of more sewing & weaving, especially to utilize fabric scraps in new ways.”

For more on Jennie and her story check out her recent podcast feature with SmartGlamor! See more of her work on Instagram at @oxfordcommacompany and on her Etsy.

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