Welcome to the new normal: CraftJam has launched online, live-stream arts and crafts webinars, we’re calling WebJams!

Join us via live-stream webinars on Zoom for Modern Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Floral Watercoloring, Embroidery, and many many more to come, starting this Thursday, March 26th, 2020. Check out our schedule here.

We launched CraftJam three years ago because we saw the need for people to be creative together, in person, offline. Since starting, we have taught nearly 20,000 (!) people in-person, face-to-face, in the same room. Some came because they felt lonely, others were craving experiences and human connections away from their digital friends and circles, but everyone signed up because they shared the urge to make something together. That hasn’t really changed except that, well, you know, we can’t do that anymore. At all. Or can we?

After closing the doors to our sweet Studio in Soho, we kept busy refunding, crediting, and rescheduling every single event and ticket. Our business came to a complete halt. This was obviously very hard on the team and all the wonderful JamMasters who love teaching and count on this extra income. But we knew we couldn’t give up. We wanted to stay in touch, keep teaching, learning and gathering. And we knew we (still) had something to offer.

Test WebJam with Team CraftJam


Test WebJam with Team CraftJam

So now we’re adding a new chapter to our mission: Together with our experienced teachers we’re launching many of our offline-tested and Jammer-loved workshops online. Every day you will be able to take WebJam(s) with familiar faces and be together, apart.

Please support us by signing up and spreading what we’re doing. Buy tickets, kits, or send gift cards to your loved ones in need of a creative fix with fine people.

And kindly fill out our WebJam poll so we can fine tune our offerings (and you’ll get the chance to win 1 of 10 complimentary WebJam tickets!).

Stay tuned for updates in the schedule and sign up to our newsletter, as we plan to add new WebJams regularly.

Thank you,

Nora and the CraftJam Team