Greetings from Los Angeles!

If you’re new here, CraftJam began by hosting in-person workshops in a tiny storefront in New York City’s hip neighborhood, SoHo. Over the past two years, we have proudly tens of thousands of attendees in virtual and in-person events. We’re excited about the recent return-to-office events to see more of you in 3D. It always feels good to go back to our roots with an in-person crafting session.In our first DIY + Lunch in LA we connected with the local community. Companies like Netflix, LA Times, and Tinder have trusted us to enhance their employees’ experience, and with a growing staff in LA, we’re ready to organize events all over this vast city.At this particular lunch, our CEO Nora Abousteit and Head of Operations Meg Glasser treated their guests to a Zodiac Watercoloring and delicious and healthy lunch from the hip restaurant Manuela (close to CraftJam’s warehouse in the DTLA Arts District.)A warm thanks to our special guest: New York Times bestselling author (How to Be Black), podcaster (How to Citizen with Baratunde), and host of the new PBS series America Outdoors With Baratunde Thurston, Baratunde Thurston who talked about fond memories of his mother who was a computer programmer and avid crocheter