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If you follow our Instagram, you might already know that last month CraftJam was featured twice on the amazing Untitled Action Bronson show on Viceland. We made sure to share some fun behind the scene clips on our Instagram Story. If you’ve ever seen the show you may already have an idea of what an eclectic experience it was for us. If you’re not familiar, the “untitled” says it all.

When it comes to the show, there is always an array of food, music, good wine, and talent in the room. And of course CRAFTING! We were super pumped for the experience as we knew anything could happen during the filming. The show is very free form. The objective is to first and foremost for everyone to have a great time as guests are thrown on to a set of constant commotion and creation from beginning to end. Whether your medium is music, food, science experiments, or crafting… this show provides a beautifully chaotic backdrop for everyone to shine.  

We showcased String Art and PomPom making straight from the VIP booth where we were served delicious treats and fine wine. Making and eating while being entertained with live music, what more can a girl ask for?

Watch the two episodes on Viceland! Links below.


Action cooks with legendary chef Jacques Pepin and trains for a marathon with “Luke Cage’s” Theo Rossi. Kevin Delaney demonstrates “Street Science” and music by Vagabon. CraftJam makes String Art!


It’s a Mardi Gras party with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef Katy Millard, Romanian Twister cakes and Raya Brass Band! CraftJam teaches Action to make pom poms!