Ok, so the pandemic has definitely impacted how we are celebrating the holiday season this year, with our priorities focused on keeping our loved ones safe rather than all gathering together around a Christmas tree. But that doesn’t mean we should completely lose our Christmas cheer. We just need to get a little creative!  And what better way to revive holiday joy than through awakening your creative spirit? Get crafty and festive this holiday season with CraftJam’s incredible selection of virtual arts and crafts workshops.

Make Your Own Holiday Ornaments Virtual Workshops

Embroider Your Own Ornaments


Nothing says Christmas more like decorating the tree with festive and special ornaments. And sure, you can mask up and take a trip to the store to buy seasonal decorations, but it’s so much more fun, and honestly, safe to stay home and make your own! And now thanks to our ornament crafting virtual workshops, it’s even easier, even if you’re a beginner. In our Embroidered Ornaments WebJam, you will learn all the basics of ornament embroidery, including how to prep your embroidery hoop, how to work with embroidery patterns, how to select thread, as well as essential embroidery stitches.

Wooden Ornament Painting WebJam


Gather all your girlfriends, (digitally that is), whip up your favorite festive drink and get ready for some online holiday crafting fun! In our Wooden Ornament Painting WebJam, you will learn a variety of basic techniques to get you started on painting your own ornaments on wooden canvas. You will learn how to do simple lettering for short phrases, how to transfer designs onto your ornament, which paints and brushes are best to use, easy painting techniques and color mixing tips, and even how to fasten your lovely creation, so you can actually hang it on your tree and admire it for years to come!

Bad B*tch Ornaments

The holiday season, which is usually a time of great sentiment and meaning, is not only an ideal time to appreciate your loved ones, but you can also reflect on the role-models or icons in your life you admire who have been instrumental in shaping and influencing who you are. Beyonce, Michelle, RBJ – we’re looking at you!  So, pay tribute to the leading ladies in your life with the Bad B*tch Ornaments WebJam. In this online crafting class, you will paint a set of four portraits of the inspiring, Rockstar women who you look up to. Because, who run the world? Girls!

Needle Felted Ornaments

Painting ornaments on wooden canvas isn’t the only way you can enjoy festive fun this holiday season! You can learn how to make your own ornaments from scratch by needling felt. Try out our Needle Felted Ornaments WebJam, and you will learn how to whip magic out of unspun wool to craft your own charming holiday creations! In this virtual workshop you will learn how to turn unspun wool into your own 3D mini felted creation, how to embellish your project, and finally how to actually turn it into a finished ornament.

Stocking Stuffer WebJam Series

Sure, you can purchase store-bought stocking stuffers, but it’s even more sentimental and special to make your own hand-made gift. The Stocking Stuffer WebJam Series is your go-to virtual destination for learning how to make your own charming and seasonal stocking stuffers to impress your loved ones this holiday season. (And this year, they’re probably going to be more along the lines of mailbox stuffers, with social guidelines in place to keep safe, so even better that they’re hand-made with love!)

In this 3-part series, divided over 3 weeks, you will learn how to make your own pom pom earrings and keychains, your own shibori dyed face mask as well as macramé keychains.

Holiday Wreaths WebJam

There’s nothing like seeing a beautiful holiday wreath upon your door to help you get into the Christmas spirit! But instead of going the store-bought route, why not get festive and crafty this year, (while safely social distancing) with a virtual arts and crafts workshop? In our Holiday Wreaths WebJam, you will learn how to create your very own holiday wreath, using a variety of lush winter foliage, dried flowers and berries.

And one last quick note — if you don’t already have your own supplies for your virtual workshop, no worries! —  you can easily purchase our CraftJam Kit of supplies for that respective class, and we will ship it to you. Just make sure you purchase the kit at least 5 days prior to the WebJam, so there’s enough time to ship it to you.