Modern Tapestry Weaving

Bring your Pinterest board to life, and make the luscious woven wall hanging you have been wanting! Our Modern Tapestry Weaving workshop adds contemporary elements to a centuries-old tradition. This beginner-friendly workshop will prepare you to create your own designs while exploring different elements that make your piece unique. Get a jumpstart on what will soon become your new favorite hobby!

In this CraftJam you will learn:

  • What kind of materials are used in weaving.
  • How to start your weaving project.
  • How to warp and use a loom.
  • Tips and techniques on how to weave different patterns.
  • How to finish your weaving work.

Completely new to this craft? Not to worry, this is the right workshop for you! Learn the foundational skills needed to get started and to complete a beautiful, modern craft project in two and a half hours. Expect to learn the very basics – from materials, to set up, to starting your project – before moving on to work on your final project.

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Sun, June 20, 2021 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm UTC Change Date Add Kit $50 Kindly order your kit at least 7 days in advance to receive it before the actual workshop.
Jennifer Fleischer

Jennifer Fleischer is a weaver and fiber artist based in Nashville Tennessee. Originally from New York, she started Ibu Textiles, a weaving business that focuses… Read more

Duration: 150 Minutes
Type Of Craft: Fiber + Textile
Expertise Level: Absolute Beginner
Slots Left: 22

Work by your JamMaster

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