Macrame Wall Hanging

Still associate macrame with your weird hippie aunt and her 15 cats? Not anymore! From simple knots to intricate texture, we’re dusting off the 70s staple and giving it a modern, on-trend twist with our Macrame Wall Hanging workshop! In this 2 hour class, our JamMaster will show you how to craft your own beautiful rope-based decor piece and equip you with the skills to try out new macrame knots, combinations and styles. Trust us, your walls with thank you!

In this CraftJam, you will learn:

  • Basic materials used for macrame.
  • Essential macrame knots and techniques.
  • How to design and create a wall hanging.
  • Techniques for embellishing.
  • Tips and skills for future design variations.

Completely new to this craft? Not to worry, this is the right workshop for you! Learn the foundational skills needed to get started and to complete a beautiful, modern craft project in two hours. Expect to learn the very basics – from materials, to set up, to starting your project – before moving on to work on your final project.

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UTC Change Date
Add Kit $30.00 Kindly order your kit at least 7 days in advance to receive it before the actual workshop.
Duration: 120 Minutes
Type Of Craft: Fiber + Textile
Expertise Level: Absolute Beginner

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