Cacti and Houseplant Illustration & Watercolor

Has lockdown turned you into a newly minted plant parent? Or maybe you have the exact opposite of a Green Thumb? Whatever your level of plant interaction you can express your love for greenery in watercolor with our latest beginner-friendly painting workshop.

Learn to create fun textures and patterns with foundational techniques such as layering watercolors, wet on wet, color blending, and gradients. Practice adding whimsical details on top with ink and create a final piece showcasing your favorite plants ranging from monsteras to palms, spider plants, aloe, wax agave and more – no weekly watering needed!

In under 2 hours, you will learn:

  • What materials to use for watercolor.
  • Basic watercolor painting techniques, i.e. wet on wet, layering, gradients.
  • Basic color theory and color blending.
  • How to create plant shapes using watercolor techniques.
  • How to add details using a ink pen.
  • How to compose a final art piece featuring your favorite plants!

Brand new to watercolor and want to master the basics first? We recommend our Absolute Beginner Floral Watercolor workshop, where you’ll learn foundational skills like prepping your paper and paints and watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and color blending.  New to our virtual workshops? Learn all about how they work here.

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Duration: 120 Minutes
Expertise Level: Beginner