Block Printing: Cards

Print / Dye
90 min
120 min
Price Tier:
Platinum (starts at $92 / person)
*includes supplies and shipping
Supply Kit

Our Block Printing Workshop is the perfect creative outlet for print and pattern lovers. We’ll teach you simple block printing techniques to make your cards stand out from the crowd!

Block Printed Cards Kit:

  • Linocut Set
  • Carving blocks 4”x6”
  • Set of cards and envelopes
  • 4 Colors of Ink Pads
  • Patterns (if applicable)

Will I need any items from home?
Yes, you will need:

  • Access to a sink and dish detergent to clean your stamps.
  • Wear latex gloves if you don’t want your hands to get ink stains.
  • Towel.
    • Use something that can get dirty and/or be thrown away!
    • You can also use paper towels.
  • Clean surface.
    • An easy to clean surface such as plastic, marble or wood.
    • You can also put a table covering down.