Hand woven home decor pieces are very trendy at the moment. This age old technique has made a tremendous comeback. That’s why we created a Modern Tapestry Weaving CraftJam so you can get a jumpstart to this technique and make your own unique wall hangings and decorations for your home.

In this CraftJam you will learn:

  • what kind of materials are used in weaving
  • how to start your weaving project
  • how to warp and use a loom
  • tips and techniques on how to weave different patterns
  • how to finish your weaving work

From this class you get to take home a finished woven piece the size of x and x and a loom to continue practicing your weaving skills.

We have all the materials ready for you, just bring your friends and a drink of your choice. We are BYOB friendly!

Upcoming Weaving Workshops