Jennie Onisk

Brooklyn, NY
Jennie is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer with a love of all things floral. She wasn't born with a green thumb, but she uses her favorite mediums - watercolor and embroidery - to create whimsical botanicals that will live forever! Her artwork has adorned a wide variety of products from stationery to fabric, and she loves taking on collaborative creative projects with big brands and small makers alike. As a teacher, Jennie strives to share her joy of making in a fun and approachable way, encouraging anyone who will listen to develop their own personal creative practice. She lives with her tchotchkes and art in a very pink Brooklyn apartment.
ProJam: Watercolor
Mon, Jun 21, 2021
10:30 - 11:15 pm
Negative Space Embroidery

May 27, 2021
10:30 pm UTC

Zodiac Watercolors

Jun 16, 2021
10:30 pm UTC

Watercolor Spring Flowers

Jun 12, 2021
03:00 pm UTC

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