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Master Modern Tapestry Weaving

  • CraftJam 33 West 17th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

Bring your Pinterest board to life, and create the luscious woven wall hanging you have been wanting! In the process of creating your new decorative artwork, you will learn weaving techniques and find the meditative zone in working with this medium.

Our Master Modern Tapestry Weaving CraftJam adds contemporary elements to a centuries old tradition. This workshop will prepare you to create your own designs while exploring differ elements that make your piece unique. Get a jumpstart on what will soon become your new favorite hobby!

In this CraftJam you will learn:

  • what kind of materials are used in weaving

  • how to start your weaving project

  • how to warp and use a loom

  • tips and techniques on how to weave different patterns

  • how to finish your weaving work

From this class you get to take home a finished woven piece and a loom to continue practicing your weaving skills. 

We have all the materials ready for you. Just bring your friends and a drink of your choice. We are BYOB friendly!

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Please note: supplies may vary based on availability. 

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