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CraftJam Academy: Modern Calligraphy Workshop

  • CraftJam SoHo Studio 103 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012 United States (map)

Calligraphy is a millennia-old art form, with its roots in both Eastern and Western cultures traditionally used for illuminated manuscripts and formal writing. Modern calligraphy spurs from this by using both new and traditional tools: it’s a more free form style of writing that maintains the elegance of traditional calligraphy while allowing for more self-expression.

In two sessions, our calligraphy JamMaster will introduce you to the basic techniques of pointed pen calligraphy and guide you through exercises to enhance your skills. This workshop series will focus solely on pointed pen (also called dip pen) calligraphy, in order for you to develop a strong formal introduction and understanding of the tools used in calligraphy. This workshop serves as a foundational course upon which other skills can be built.


Session 1: Basics and Lowercase Alphabet (05/21/2019)

  • What is modern calligraphy? How is it different from traditional calligraphy and hand lettering?

  • Introduction to pointed pen calligraphy

  • How to prepare a nib for first-time use and how to put the pen together

  • Practicing with a straight pen holder

  • Discussion about the importance of pressure in calligraphy

  • Practicing the 8 basic strokes, which you will use to form letters of your own

  • Practicing lowercase alphabet

  • Practice connecting letters and review tricky combinations

Session 2: Pointed Pen and Connections (05/28/2019)

  • Practicing uppercase alphabet

  • Tips and tricks for various types of ink and paper

  • Learning basic flourishing techniques

  • Making greeting cards using your preferred method

  • Learn how to make guidelines for calligraphy and how to apply these to envelopes

  • Distribution of resources list for further study

This class is beginner friendly; no experience necessary! We will have all of the supplies and materials ready for you. During in class exercises, you will learn the basic skills for modern calligraphy, including proper pen handling and calligraphy posture, a full script alphabet in upper and lower cases, and practice your new skills with a fun project. You will receive a dip pen with two different styles of nibs and a small bottle of ink for you to continue practicing at home. Lefties are welcome to attend class too!

This class is especially good for people who love hand lettering, want to use calligraphy in their upcoming nuptials, or already know how to write letters and would like to learn the basics of traditional calligraphy.

Also, we are BYOB friendly, so bring a drink of your choice.

CraftJams are hosted in an intimate setting with a twelve attendee maximum. Make sure to purchase your ticket before the event is sold out!

Note: This is class is an updated version from our previous CraftJam Academy: Modern Calligraphy Workshop hosted in three sessions.

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