In a remote or hybrid working world, there’s an increasing gap in team bonding and togetherness, compounded by the complications of bringing your team together virtually. While virtual team events have now become the new normal, it can be difficult to coordinate the many moving pieces of putting together a memorable experience for your participants online. 

Whether your goal is a more engaged team, an increase in productivity and creativity, or just simply a stress-relieving moment amidst a busy work environment, team bonding, and wellness activities are the solution. When done right, a virtual event for your team can be a wonderful way to facilitate team building, help your employees feel included and offer stress relief for a busy workplace. That’s where we come in. 

Corporate Craft Workshops

Craft workshops and craft classes offer a space for employees to practice self-care, bond with their team, and pick up a new skill with the help of expert creatives in a live-stream engaging environment. We offer a wide range of over 100+ workshops with 90+ craft kits to choose from. Our teachers will guide your group through all the steps needed to create a stunning final piece and walk away with the techniques to keep crafting.

How It Works

Employees all begin in the same starting place, with our high-quality kits containing all the materials they need for their workshop. They’re then guided by an experienced teacher, in our case our expert JamMasters, through their chosen craft, and encouraged to share their work along the way as they learn new skills. Our online crafting workshops are the perfect solution for large-themed events or smaller team bonding moments.

Why Crafting?

We believe in the power of craft, not only for team building but to bring your team the long-term benefits of crafting. Crafting is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety by using your hands and immersing yourself fully in a creative endeavor. What’s more, offering activities and enrichment that focus on team members’ overall health and wellness can help differentiate your organization. A well-designed wellness program has many components, and a craft offering is a critical piece. 

What organizations can benefit from a CraftJam craft workshop? 

The short answer is, well all of them! We have hosted participants for virtual teams and companies all over the world to learn something new with us. 

Our virtual workshops are a solution for larger organizations, or smaller teams looking for a regular creative activity to add a special touch to their weekly lunch. Our live classes are a great way to say thank you to your team for a win, completed project, or end of a quarter. Many of our clients also use our workshops to engage their own prospective clients in a creative new way.

Workshop Materials

Our workshops make it easy to join with a huge selection of craft kits that ship right to your employee’s doors with all the materials needed to jump right in. 

Our vast catalog offers a selection of curated, seasonal, and evergreen workshops to provide an engaging activity for any event. Clients love the diversity of activities that we offer and recent bookings include workshops on everything from crochet, knitting, glass etching, watercolors, wreath making, and much more.

We’ve pulled together our top picks (and our clients)  for the best workshops to complement your next team event: 

Best for Large Teams Needle Felted Succulents

Needle felt plants

Needle felting is a wonderful, beginner-friendly craft that will have your team creating wool sculptures in no time using new techniques, like color blending. Needle felted succulents is a great workshop for a large group because it offers a customizable option for each and every person, with easy to follow along instructions and the ability to display your final piece on your desk.

Best for a Time Crunch Glass Etching 

Consistently our best-selling workshop, glass etching is a quick workshop with an amazing pay-off. Participants can create their own original designs that are then etched onto glassware to create a permanent design, all within 60 minutes!

Best for Seasonal Wreath Making

Holiday Wreath

Our floral workshops are some of our most popular, and some of the most special.  Our high-quality wreath-making kits use gorgeous dried foliage and each year our workshop development team designs a creative wreath to celebrate the new season. Participants feel included and special creating a gorgeous piece of floral art that they’ll want to display at home. 

Best for Quiet Focus Macrame Plant Hanger

Women Holding A Macrame Plant Hanger

Does your team need a break from the hustle and bustle of the virtual workplace? Macrame could be your answer, requiring focus and a delicate hand, our beginner macrame workshops are helpful to teams looking for peace amidst all the meetings. 

What is your favorite workshop? If you’re looking to find the perfect activity for your team or clients, check out our full offerings by browsing our Workshop Catalog!