If you’ve attended our popular Painted Pots CraftJam (or you plan to) you may be wondering to yourself, “So, what do I do with this now?!” Well, we’ve got some tips that will help keep your little planted friends happy and healthy in their new home!

-6 Hours of Sunlight-

You’ll want to keep your succulent buddies as close to a window as you can since they need about 6 hours of sun per day. But make sure your window area isn’t too hot because they can actually get sunburned! This is especially important if you have a south facing window because they get the most light if you reside in the northern hemisphere.

Eastern facing windows are ideal for succulents to thrive and you can tell if your plant requires more natural light because they will begin to stretch, indicating that they’re in need of more sun.

-Hydration Station-


These little guys like to have their roots soaked, but be aware – while too much water will cause them to perish, only spraying them lightly isn’t enough either. The best way to keep your succulents hydrated is to give them enough water so that the soil is completely wet, but make sure it’s totally dry before watering again. A good schedule for watering these plants is once per week during hot months and less frequently when the weather cools.

Note: no daily watering, no spray bottles!

Did you know: succulents have a dormant period, typically during the winter months?! This means they aren’t growing and therefore won’t be using much water, so make sure to watch for this during the cold weather season.

If the lower leaves of your succulent begin to shrivel up, don’t fret – this is a normal occurrence for most all plants. You should only be concerned if the top layer of leaves begins to dry out which may indicate your little buddy could use a bit more H2O.

-The Perfect Temp-


As a general rule, succulents like to be warm in the summer and cool in the winter. If your plant is indoors most of the time, temperature won’t be much of an issue unless they are right by a window. For the summer months aim to keep your plant between 70-80 degrees, during the winter it should be closer to 50-60 degrees. Succulents can be damaged if the temperatures drop below freezing, but keeping your plant near a window at room temperature should keep them happy year ’round.

Make sure to sign up for one of our upcoming plant pot + succulent classes to get your own plant buddy to bring home, and if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us at