The temps are hot, the hues are brighter, and summer is in full swing. We could not be happier, with longer days spent outside we feel more excited than ever to get creative and social. Welcome to the Craftjam Trend Report where we share our favorite trends rising in the creative, fashion, and art world. 

A Return to Nostalgia

woman holding an older style camcorder wearing a bandana and stickers on her face

The Y2K obsession has gone more mainstream with an overall craving for nostalgic moments in fashion and pop culture. Early to the trend was the debut of Marc Jacobs’ Heaven line in 2020, a return to the early 2000s teen culture. Now, this trend has begun to manifest itself in the 90’s rave kid style, as well as the early 2010s alt online communities like emo and scene kids. 

So, why does everyone want to dig up their teenage closets all of a sudden? We suspect the wave of throwback styles has a big something to do with dressing for comfort and familiarity. The world has been upended many times over in the last few years and sometimes it just feels good to go back to what you know.

The Mushroom

on the left is a picture of the stella mccartney mushroom exhibit and on the right is a couple needle felted mushrooms on some moss.

woman sitting in a chair at the stella mccartney exibit in a mushroom print room

CraftJam Founder and CEO Nora at the Stella Mccartney Fungi exhibit in Milan.

Last year we saw the extreme rise of the mushroom motif rise to prominence in the form of shapes and recreations, like earrings, or as an adorable print on everything from tote bags to expensive silk dresses (looking at you Roadarte). The mushroom created the perfect symbol of an escapist, a fantasy that felt fun to play around with while the world was *ahem* burning.

What we have found fascinating is that the mushroom motif is going nowhere fast and in fact, the trend has deepened into a larger conversation about sustainability and the importance of ecosystems and fungi in our lives. Stella McCartney is at the forefront of this trend, debuting a collection of sustainable mushroom leather garments and bags, the first of its kind.

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Extreme Wedding Season

closeup of a bride and groom holding hands and a bouquet

Does it seem like everyone you know is getting married? After years of paired-down or canceled weddings, it seems like everyone is having their big day this year. According to Lauren Kay, executive editor of The Knot in an article for CNN “This year will not only be the year with the most weddings in recent history but also starts to welcome the next generation of couples — Gen Zers — getting married.”

Not only are there more couples getting married, but weddings are also bigger and more expensive than before. Want to get creative and add a personal touch to your ceremony or just know someone who is tying the knot? Our calligraphy and lettering craft workshops are the perfect way to learn a new skill and embed a personal touch in your wedding preparations with a group.

wedding placecards on a table with photos in the background