Wedding season is in full swing and back stronger than ever after the big bump in the road that was 2020. We know how daunting it is to plan a wedding, whether you’re getting married or just at the wedding party, which is why we’re here to help. 

Here are some wedding crafts that are everywhere this season. These would make the perfect DIY additions to your wedding OR  perfect party activities to make with your friends and family.


black name cards with orange calligraphy sitting on table with framed photosAn amazing way to add a personal touch to any wedding is calligraphy, especially when it comes to your invitations and envelopes. While we know there are some very talented calligraphers out there who can create your invitations and Save the Dates, hand calligraphy can be a useful and fun skill to pick up for your big day as lettering is in almost every piece of the wedding process.

Jess Griscti, one of our calligraphy JamMasters, suggests picking one part of your wedding to-do yourself instead of getting overwhelmed by, for example, committing to DIY your entire invitation suite. 

One idea for calligraphy is to: “start with the envelopes and let that be your project instead of overwhelming yourself with too much to do.”

Check out our 2-part Modern Calligraphy workshop, where we teach all the foundational skills to create some gorgeous calligraphy pieces! To see more of Jess’s work check out her website at

Hand Lettering

the words sending love from NYC are hand lettered onto a card held up to a city background.Hand lettering is a wonderful way to ease into wedding DIY and also makes for a super fun activity to host with your bridal party.

Because you can use a variety of different mediums and writing utensils to hand letter it’s a very flexible and applicable craft. For example, you could hand letter the signage around your wedding with paint on wood. Or you and your bridesmaids could each create a personal hand lettered piece of art to take home.

Learn the hand lettering basics with us! We have a two-part Hand Lettering workshop where you’ll get introduced to different lettering styles and learn how to draw and design letters yourself.

Glass Etching

wine glass with etched couples name and picture of two birds kissing

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Glass etching is a cool way to make a personalized craft with a group! Try etching wine glasses, tumblers, or mugs with your friends or bridal party. Etching makes a perfect workshop to host as part of a shower or even etch your own glasses and include them as bridesmaid gifts! Give it a try with one of our most popular private event workshops, Glass Etching!

Creating Together

two women are sitting next to each other and laughing while they macrame wall hangingsIn our experience, it feels amazing to give a handmade gift but what can be equally as special is quality time spent creating together. Our private wedding workshops are an amazing way to celebrate an important event, whether that’s a bridal shower, or just as a pre-wedding celebration.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming which is why a private workshop with CraftJam takes the pressure off. We take care of all the materials and help you plan every detail while finding the perfect craft for you. Check out our private workshops to book with us or join one of our upcoming public workshops today!