We knew the media world would catch up: Crafts are definitely more than just your grandma’s hobby. It’s not just therapeutic and satisfactory, it is also chic and trendy.

We are thrilled to be featured in today’s New York Post article about embroidery and the new generation’s rising need to connect with traditional crafts. The reporter Raquel Laneri quotes Kenneth King saying that millennials are increasingly drawn to old-fashioned analog activities. “Creating a garment that has the ‘hand of the maker’ evident seems to be satisfying to a generation that was raised on computers.” We believe this applies to all of as. We know first-hand how meditative embroidery or jewelry making can be after a long work day, and how friendships blossom over yarn, wine and conversation. That’s essentially is why we started CraftJam.

So please, get your copy of the New York Post and skip to page 30 or read the article online. And please, try us and join any of our CraftJams, embroidery or others.