You know what they say about envisioning your dreams and then manifesting them into reality? Well, you can start manifesting the life you dream of, and setting your goals in motion by creating a vision board! Vision boards are powerful tools to help you create artistic representations of your dreams, goals, hopes and desires. Seeing your idealized life physically expressed on a vision board is incredibly motivating and uplifting. It is also an awesome activity to do on your own or in the company of friends and family.

The great thing about creating a vision board is you can make one anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of your own home to various meetup groups and classes. You can find meetup events to create vision boards amongst other artistic companions, host or attend a vision board party with family and friends as well as take various classes and workshops to learn how to make your own vision board.

CraftJam offers an incredible, beginner-friendly, virtual Vision Board WebJam for you to get your girlfriends together (virtually, that is) to learn how to create vision boards to transform your aspirations into artistic and inspiring masterpieces. In the class, you will learn about the purpose of vision boards, enjoy a few warm-up exercises to get your creative juices flowing and then will all make your very own vision boards. Pop open a bottle of red or white, bond with your gal pals digitally and get in touch with your inner dreamer in this fun and inspiring arts and crafts workshop.

If you are looking for some creative inspiration for making a vision board yourself, we have compiled a helpful guide below here.

What is a Vision Board? 

You may be wondering what a vision board even is. Well, it essentially is exactly what it sounds like.  A vision board is an artistic collage created to represent your future dreams and desires, helping make imaginative ideas and wishes feel that much more tangible. This is why vision boards are effective tools for goal-setting, helping to motivate you to first visualize your dreams, and then inspire you to start working towards them. The idea is that at first your hopes and desires may feel out of reach and maybe even impossible, but by physically expressing them in a collage on a board, you can visually appreciate them as much as you wish. Seeing them physically helps make your dreams feel that much more attainable, and through continuing to visualize them, you can dream them into being, making your reality eventually align with the very life you hope and desire.

Vision boards are usually created on cork or poster boards, and are composed of collages made up of different images and materials such as magazine and paper cutouts of all of your favorite things, passions and aspirations.

A Step by Step to Making Your Vision Board

1.Create a List of Your Dreams and Desires

You can of course jump straight ahead to the fun crafting part, but if you want to make the exercise even more effective for you in regard to visualization and manifestation, we recommend first creating a list of your hopes, dreams, goals and desires. Get in touch with who you are and what you really want out of life. Your wishes deserve to be seen and heard! Being patient, loving and open with yourself will help you visualize your aspirations, as well as guide you to finding the physical components you will need to create your vision board collage.

Write down the words, ideas, values and concepts that inspire you. Remember, this should be motivating and fun!

2.Gather Materials and Cutouts to Make Your Collage

Now that you have some clarity in regards to the dream you life you aspire to, you are ready to dive into making your collage. With your list in hand as a guide, it’s time to peruse through your stacks of magazines, books, photo albums, etc. and find the images that most resonate with you and align with your dreams and desires. Simply, cut them out and lay them aside to prepare the materials for your vision board collage. These cutouts can also be headlines of magazines, or any words or images that speak to you and what you want out of life.

3. Organize the Regions of Your Vision Board by Value or Theme

While there are of course no rules in creating an artistic collage of your hopes and goals, it can help you create a more focused representation of your aspirations and desires by organizing the different areas of your vision board by value or theme. For example, some ideas of themes you may choose are: Career, Money/ Prosperity,  Health, Family and Relationships. You would then designate different corners of your vision board to represent each theme.

If there is another way you would like to depict the story of your dreams and desires on your vision board, go for it! Be creative – your vision board is a safe space to create and express yourself how you wish.

4. Create Your Vision Board Collage

You made your list, gathered your materials and cutouts, and know exactly how you want to tell your story on your vision board. It’s time to actually put it together. Simply paste your cutouts to your board and watch as your vision comes to life!