Got an opinion? Or maybe two? Don’t just passively share your views on Facebook, make it official by stitching a cross stitch statement!

Stop the patriarchy!

Is your house perhaps in need of a feminist statement? Look no further, you can make one your self. Because, we can do it! This is a statement piece by BananyaStand.

Cross stitch by BananyaStand . Gotta love the Arrested Development reference.

Cross stitch by BananyaStand. Gotta love the Arrested Development reference.

Let’s get political

Women’s rights, anyone? Choosing one’s presidential candidate is certainly a statement, check out this Hillary cross stitch by Shannon Downey at Badass Cross Stitch. She also teaches cross stitch classes in Chicago if you are in the area!


Keep it simple

Or let’s just be honest here, sometimes you just need one word to say what you think. How about being refreshingly honest?

Get ready to clear your mind and come stitch one yourself in our Cross Stitch CraftJam. Find more inspiration from our Pinterest board: