Make your Pinterest dreams come true! We know you have at least one board solely dedicated to plants and pots, so we created this CraftJam for you to learn how to make beautiful macrame plant hangers yourself. Take home a plant, a pot, and your unique macrame hanger.

In two hours our JamMaster will teach you:

  • what materials to use for macrame
  • how to make basic macrame knots to create a plant hanger
  • how to form a basket that is secure for your planter
  • how to embellish your macrame project
  • how to attach a plant to your finished project
  • how to take care of your new plant

This class is beginner-friendly; no experience necessary! And we’ve got all the materials you’ll need, including the cord for knotting macrame, embellishments and a lovely potted plant. We will give you useful tips to take care of your plants!

Also, we are BYOB friendly, so bring a drink of your choice.