Location Checklist for Retail Partnerships

To understand which events are most suitable for you we need to know where your business is located, how many people fit in to your space and what kind of facilities you have. To get all the needed details we ask you to fill our location checklist below.

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Closest subway stops.
The more information we have the better we can create successful events.
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Your Name
You can fill your email and phone number here if different from business contact info.
Location Checklist
Be as descriptive as you can.
How many people can you fit seated at your space? *
Crafting requires space and everyone should be able to sit comfortably at a desk and have their supplies in front of them.
Do you have a sink we can access? *
Some crafts require access to running water.
Do you have access to bathroom? *
Is your space BYOB friendly? *
Are workshops are often BYOB friendly unless hosted in a bar or restaurant that serves alcoholic drinks.
Crafting requires a sufficient amount of light. Describe in few words what kind of lighting do you have during days and evenings.
Do you have a screen and an Apple TV at your location? *
For some classes we use Apple TV for casting iPhone video on screen.
Here you can add a link to a photo that shows your event space as best as possible