Here Comes KidJAMS!


We’ve spent the past few years sharing that love with women and men across New York with CraftJam, and now we’re ready to get the next generation of artists, crafters and makers started with KidJAMS: a unique series of kid-friendly classes and workshops that help children learn new skills, expand creativity, make friends and most of all - have fun!

Why crafting?!

Crafting is a great way to express creativity but it goes even further than that: by using tools, children develop fine motor skills; when counting supply pieces, they practice math skills; experimenting with materials is an introduction to science. But even more so, youngsters feel good while making something, they experience a sense of accomplishment and a new found self-confidence. Even better, they have something fun (and handmade!) to show off in the end.

For Kids and Adult Alike

We offer a variety of workshop options for both kids and adults. We teach hands on skills, foster new connections, and turn spaces like yours into exciting social events. Our workshops can adjust in size and skill level to make your space and participants feel the most comfortable.

We provide all materials and supplies, and our certified teachers, called JamMasters, will ensure that every kid has an absolute blast. We offer workshops for kids ages 6+. Most workshop options run 1.5-2 hours in length. Choose from our popular workshop options and let us handle the rest!

Workshop Suggestions


Create With Yarn!

This KidJAM is all about yarn as we are making fun pom pom creatures and learning to weave with a self-made cardboard loom.

Level: Beginner friendly
Age: For kids 5 and up


Fun Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are fun, easy to customize and the perfect way to learn something colorful and new and create lasting memories together!

Level: Beginner friendly
Age: For kids 5 and up

Make Cool Accessories!

Accessories are more fun when you make them yourself. Create earbud holders, keychains, friendship bracelets and more at this fun KidJAM!

Level: Beginner friendly
Age: For kids 5 and up


Design a Tote Bag

Block Printing is the perfect creative outlet for kids of all ages. Who wouldn’t want to design their own tote bags?

Level: Beginner friendly
Age: For kids 5 and up


Paint and Pot Succulents

With just a few easy techniques, kids will learn how to paint a set of fun terracotta pots and plant their own succulents, too.

Level: Beginner friendly
Age: For kids 5 and up


Make Pom Pom Accessories

In our Pom Pom and Tassel Earring class kids can get creative making all kinds of fun accessories from bag charms to key chains!

Level: Beginner friendly
Age: For kids 5 and up

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Anna Morrissey
Partnership & Outreach Manager

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