KidJAM: Create with Yarn!

Get ready to put down the screens and pick up the yarn because we’re about to unleash a whole new generation of fiber-loving craft enthusiasts with KidJAMS: a fresh take on crafting workshops where children can explore art mediums, learn new skills and let their imaginations run wild, all while making their own unique projects. This ain’t your mama’s macaroni necklace!

In 1.5 hours kids can learn to make two projects:

  • Weaving With a Self-Made Cardboard Loom

  • Creating Cute or Scary Pom Pom Creatures

Who can attend: Curious kids from 5 to 12 years old
What you will learn: Fun and useful ways to weave and create creatures out of yarn

We’ve got everything you need, including a colorful selection of materials and kid-friendly tools. Our trained JamMasters will guide each child through the crafting process with fun, easy to follow instruction and helpful feedback.

Why KidJAMS?

There are many reasons why crafting is an important medium for kids: Through the use of tools children develop fine motor skills, counting supplies helps with math skills, and experimenting with materials is an introduction to science. But even more so, youngsters feel good while making something, experience a sense of accomplishment, and gain a new form of self-confidence.

Want to do something creative on your or your child’s birthday? Ask us about private events!

Upcoming KidJAMs