Our workshop development team has been hard at work creating inspired workshops for July and we’ve been diving deep into all the most recent trending projects, crafts, and culture shifts. We believe creativity and style trends are a true reflection of what’s going on in the world which is why we factor current news into our trend analysis.

We’re in the middle of a big switch-up in terms of work, habits, and style. Just like all of you, we are navigating the changing landscape. From the resurgence of live and in-person events in a huge way (Little Island in NYC anyone?) to the continued staying power that the granny square is holding on Instagram, we’re bringing you what’s hot and… well just what’s hot. 

Ahead, our favs for July 2021 along with our brand new workshops and announcements from CraftJam!

Granny Squares

girl wearing a granny square sweater outside in front of a blue sky

Via @midnight.salad on Instagram.

There are so many iterations of this classic and foundational crochet technique and the rise of crochet over the course of the pandemic has encouraged the astounding creativity of crafters selling their work and patterns all over Instagram. 

Crochet can be intimidating and the best way to learn is through someone else. We’ve just debuted two brands’ live virtual granny square workshops, at a beginner and intermediate level, that will have you well on the way to creating your own pieces from scratch. 

Home Living

pretty home shot of plants hanging with macrame holders

Via @merakikollektiv on Instagram.

While we are starting to get out of our house, the continuation of WFH and focusing on your living space continues on, even as restrictions are easing up. We are still investing in our personal spaces which means crafting for the home is more relevant than ever. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your home feel homier is through some good greenery! 

If you love hanging plants but don’t know where to find plant hangers, why not try making your own with our Macrame Plant Hanger workshop! And crave some plant life in your space but can’t seem to keep anything alive (we feel you) try our brand new Needle Felted Succulents workshop!

IRL is Back

map of the us with black pins on where our teachers are located across the country. includes the text 'craftjam is now irl in 10 cities' on topWith a wave of new restriction announcements, we are seeing more and more live events popping up on our calendar. We’ve missed live music, events, and the possibility of getting some face time with each other. We are so excited to start crafting together once again, and for those of us who used to visit our physical location in Soho, we miss you!

We’re kicking off live, in-person craft workshops once again with private IRL workshops available for booking! The details and how to book with us can be found here

Professional Wellness

The shift in employer working requirements is changing rapidly as many employees are finding themselves having to go back into the office, while many others are facing the effects of burnout after a stressful and long year WF. It’s becoming clear that wellness in the professional space is more important than ever and employers are realizing that mental health is a crucial aspect of productivity and a healthy work environment. 

As companies’ wellness budgets expand, we are trying to find new ways to stay healthy while at work. That can mean finding a meditation space at home or in the office, setting aside 15 minutes to do something meditative like crafting or encouraging your workplace to book a team event that encourages creativity (which has many mental health benefits!)