If you haven’t heard already, this fall has been declared to be a #PompomParty! Why? Well let us show you!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 6.21.02 PM.png

Pom poms are not just the hottest accessory from runways to party decorations, they are also so much fun to make. In our Ultimate Pom Pom CraftJam our Jammers get to learn all the amazing skills to make these fuzzy friends into a trendy bag charm.

And if you are not convinced, Craft Yarn Council is going big with their fall #pompomparty campign featuring tons of fun and creative pom pom inspiration. Have a look at all the amazing projects you can make your pom poms into:

Let’s get the party started. See our upcoming CraftJams below and remember to tag all your creations with #madeitatcraftjam and #pompomparty, so we can see what you are making!

For more pom pom inspiration make sure to check out our Pinterest and Craft Yarn Council!