Thank you for your interest. We are always looking for enthusiastic crafters and creatives to join our community! Here you can find some important information about becoming a JamMaster.

How do I become a JamMaster?

JamMasters commit to a training process that will result in earning a JamMaster Certificate. We will provide you all the tools and materials to host successful events. Below you will find what steps to take toward JamMaster Certification:

1. Apply
Fill out the form and tell us a bit about yourself. When we have openings, we’ll invite you to a JamMaster information session. 

2. Study
Go to a complimentary CraftJam in the field you’d like to teach. We’ll update you on our CraftJam practices and principles,  and share our teaching instructions. Then, make sure to study our materials and take a JamMaster Certification test.

3. Practice
You’ll assist an experienced JamMaster in the field you’d like to teach. Plus you’ll teach a dry run class for test-Jammers where your skills will be reviewed.

4. Teach
After your dry run, we’ll review your progress and schedule your first CraftJam! We will introduce you to our community and put you on our schedule.

How long does it take to become a Certified JamMaster?

The process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months, depending on your availability and the time you put into the material. Actual training and studying should take about 24 hours (over several days), depending how much you’d like to practice.

Who can be a JamMaster?

We are looking for highly skilled artisans who love crafting as much as they love hosting people and events. All of our events are very social. So, if you love people and teaching, and if you’re supportive and like to have fun, you’re the perfect fit!

Being a world-renown professional isn’t necessary (but is very cool!). Just show us how proficient you are.

Can I suggest new classes for CraftJam?

Yes, please! We are always developing new CraftJams and would love to hear your ideas.

Who can I email to ask about my JamMaster application?

You can always reach us at jammaster@craftjam.co for any questions.

When should I expect to hear back from you?

Due to the high volume of applications, we may not always have space for new applicants in our biweekly JamMaster trainings, or can we always have the capacity to onboard new JamMasters. We will let you know if that's the case when you apply.