Today we are launching CraftJam Academy: designer workshop series that allow you to learn even more advanced skills. Due to popular demand we’re starting with three sessions for lettering and knitting. Color us excited!

Knitting – Just In Time For Fall!


The decision to start these workshops came form you, our dear Jammers! We have heard several requests to host workshops that will deepen your knowledge in popular crafts.  Knitting is definitely the most current skill to learn as we are heading deeper into the fall.

Alexi Tavel


Our JamMaster Alexi Tavel is a talented knitwear designer with a modern approach to a timeless art form. Her company Two of Wands is known for its trendy knitwear pieces. With her experienced guidance you will learn the basics of knitting and will be able to complete endless projects on your own after taking this class.

Trendy Hand Lettering


The idea for lettering came from seeing a growing interest in hand lettering on social media, and quite simply seeing it all around us at cool coffee shop and store signs. This class is especially good for bloggers, small businesses and anybody working in social media. You’ll finish class with the skills to create unique signage and images that will make your blog and social media sites pop.

Jessie Katz


Our JamMaster Jessie Katz is a talented graphic designer and artist who has plenty of experience in teaching crafts and design and will teach you the tricks of this useful and fun craft.

We have a lot of new CraftJam Academy classes coming up in the new year! Stay tuned.

Please comment or email us at on any ideas you have for new classes you’d like to take!