How We Work

It starts with an idea. 

Sometimes it’s a fashionable trend, sometimes a news story. Other times it comes from our crafty JamMasters or loyal Jammers — and oh-so-occasionally, it comes from a meme. 

‘It’ is our workshop development process. An ever-changing, constantly improving, no-two-the-same process of taking a spark of inspiration and forming it into the workshops available to you here at CraftJam. 

Team CraftJam is a small but mighty team of crafters, creators, designers, makers, and enthusiasts of the handmade. The only thing we love more than creating is sharing our love of the handmade with others through, teaching our techniques, sharing our tips, and creating together

Have a look below at our creative ‘roadmap’ to see what Team CraftJam is inspired by, and what we’re busy researching, developing, and planning for upcoming workshops and read on to learn more about how we work.

So back to “it”… 

It all starts in our favorite weekly meeting: Workshop Development. This is where we put our creative heads together and collectively brainstorm all upcoming workshop and event ideas. What often starts with a comprehensive trend report covering all things art, design, fashion, pop culture, and current events then morphs into a discussion on what’s relevant, what’s trendy, what’s in demand, and what’s useful. Is it a craft that’s just for fun? A project to raise awareness or spread a message? Is it something you can wear or hang up or give as a gift? All of these questions (and many, many more) are posed, mused on, debated, and answered before we move on.

From there, our creative brains jump to materials, supplies, patterns, templates, and guidebooks, all while keeping in mind the most important thing: a final project that our Jammers can successfully learn to create within a few hours. 

Next, supplies and tools are sourced (or dug up from our Brooklyn Navy Yard warehouse), samples are made and remade – and sometimes taken apart… and made again – and our expert JamMasters are consulted on techniques and skills.  After some trial and error and playful experimentation, we finally hone in on a final project: something we desperately want to teach YOU how to make yourself!

Within a few days, projects are photographed, instructions are written and tested, and JamMasters are prepped to teach. In a few more days, our brand new workshop is added to our website added to our website and ready for you to join, feel inspired, and leave with something you made on your own

And what happens next, you may ask? Well, we get ready for our next weekly Workshop Development meeting 🙂

Tell us what workshops YOU want to see by emailing us at