String Art in the City at The Honeywell (Harlem)

Are you looking for a new wall decoration? Do you want to make the ultimate DIY gift for someone? Then our String Art CraftJam is for you!

Join us for String Art in the City, a string art workshop with plenty of NYC inspiration. Make a personalized art piece by attaching nails and wrapping string on a beautiful wooden board. Also, you get to use hammer! Fun, huh? The results are guaranteed to be amazing and we have plenty of New York City inspiration available!

For this event we are partnering with The Honeywell, cool 70s themed basement bar with amazing cocktails and small bites inspired by mom’s best entertaining dishes. It's also our first CraftJam in Harlem.

Honeywell is a comfortable, low key bar in Harlem with amazing cocktails.

Honeywell is a comfortable, low key bar in Harlem with amazing cocktails.

In two hours, our JamMaster will show you how to:

  • create the perfect design for your wall art piece
  • transfer your design on your wood board
  • how to safely hammer the nails on your wood board
  • how to string the string around the nail to form a beautiful pattern
  • how to finish your work

We will have all the supplies ready for you from wood board, to nails and string, plus tools like hammers to work with. No previous experience is needed. We will provide general designs you can use for your string art piece, but if you have a specific design in mind, you can print it on a regular paper before the class and bring it with you. The wood board is about 11 x 9 inches big.

And even better, ticket price includes one signature Honeywell cocktail! 

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