Holiday and Seasonal Group Events

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CraftJam delivers evidence-based well-being through (social) crafting to improve mental health and reduce anxiety and depression. Employees attend our workshops via live-stream to build skills, cultivate relationships, set and reach goals all while fostering a sense of purpose and control.

The importance of attracting and retaining talented employees is critical but often challenging. Offering activities and enrichment that focus on team members’ overall health and wellness can help differentiate your organization.

A well-designed wellness program has many components, and a craft offering is a critical piece. Crafting has been shown to reduce stress, build self-esteem, decrease age-related cognitive impairment and promote happiness. At CraftJam, we rewire your brain one stitch at a time.

Show how much you value your employees and give them the gift of a craft workshop and the chance to develop a meaningful, regular craft practice and watch the stress melt away. Crafting allows you to get in the zone where time slows, the chatter in your mind quiets and you become fully immersed in what you are doing. We all strive for that sense of flow and crafting is a gateway to finding it. 

Providing a supportive, engaging environment for your employees to incorporate crafting into their routine helps develop happy, healthy and loyal employees. It strengthens employee relationships and has a positive impact on company culture and morale. It’s time to take a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond just physical health and addresses all aspects of an employee’s well-being.

Our workshops are universally appealing and provide a quiet moment amidst the chaos of our modern work life. Our sessions are live-streamed, beginner-friendly, and 1-2 hours long. We re-create the synergies that you had in the office. We’ll even ship supplies directly to each participant’s door so they can focus on the creative process.


Check out some of our seasonal workshops

From unspun wool to 3D shape, what you can craft with needle felting skills is only limited by your imagination! Join us for our latest beginner friendly workshop where you’ll learn how to craft the cutest little Halloween shapes – from candy corn to witch’s hats – with just a few simple techniques and supplies.
Start stitching! Learn easy embroidery stitches in our special, themed beginner-friendly Sugar Skull Embroidery Workshop. Sugar skulls are a staple in Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, which is a celebratory holiday in Mexico and Latin America that honors life and death. Sugar skulls are created and placed on ofrendas, which are altars created by families during Day of the Dead to honor their loved ones that have passed on.
Learn how to create dimensional, textured pumpkins, squashes and more in an endless array of shapes with our latest beginner-friendly watercolor workshop! Focusing on fall gourds, this 2-hour workshop will cover how to apply our favorite wet on wet, color blending, and wet on dry watercolor layering techniques to design a beautiful autumnal layout.

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We’ve Hosted Events For Some of the Best

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“We cannot get enough of CraftJam! Over the past two years I have hosted six corporate events with CraftJam and I have NEVER been disappointed. The team is incredible—well-organized, professional, and fun. I leave feeling more connected with my team and bring home something I am really proud of!!”

Laura Berk

MBA Recruiter, McKinsey & Company

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“We’ve done over 130 events this past year and Craft Jam was on my short list for QUALITY. I really appreciate the caliber of your instructors. Their 2-camera setups with one camera on the craft and the other on them is so professional and makes the instruction more effective! Lastly, the all-inclusive kits save time and stress!”

Becky Holmes

Field Marketing Manager, Even

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“We absolutely loved the session! From coordinating the event to the actual event. It was great! Anna was very attentive and quick in responding when organizing everything. Sarah was great with our CraftJam Session of Vision boarding, everyone loved it! Thank you!”

Mariuxi Perez

Administrative Assistant, Liberty Mutual Latin America, Vision Boards