Long weekend ahead and no plans? Why not take this weekend for yourself to indulge in some much-needed craft therapy? Let the long weekend offer you a chance to practice mindfulness through making.

The benefits of crafting go far beyond just making something beautiful. The rhythmic movement of crafting creates a meditative-like state which some crafters refer to as “the zone”. Focusing on the specific steps of a creative project helps you to practice mindfulness and staying in the moment. You can read more in our previous blog post about Crafting as Self-Care.

Create headspace and practice mindfulness at our most zen workshops:


Modern Calligraphy Bootcamp

Saturday, May 25th at 11 am
Many people refer to calligraphy as active meditation. Creating delicate strokes forces you to concentrate wholeheartedly and mindfully on what you’re doing while paying attention to your breathing and posture. Come experience one of our most popular workshops!


Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop

Sunday, May 26th at 11 am
Get focused at our Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop. Learn macrame knots, practice your hand-eye coordination, and work on your project together with other Jammers. Take home a new plant friend!


Modern Tapestry Weaving

Sunday, May 26th at 2.30 pm
Allow the process of weaving slow you down. Work with beautiful fibers and let the repetition of weaving bring you calm energy and make you more focused on the moment.