When I think of summer, I think of beaches, sunshine and most importantly: PINEAPPLE. Yes this carnivorous fruit is the highlight of my summer, and I am not just talking about eating it. I worship the pineapple in all shapes and forms. They are visually a beautiful plant and I will never get tired off drawing or making pineapple themed crafts. These sweet lil suckers are the trendiest fruit of the summer. 

Just look at this adorable piña embroidered pendant! If you want to make pineapple themed embroideries but don’t know how to embroider, come to one of our Embroidery Classes!

Made in our very own  Pendant Embroidery Class!

Made in our very own Pendant Embroidery Class!

Maybe you want to wake up and drink coffee out of a pineapple cup? But don’t try to make pineapple flavored coffee, that sounds like a horrible combination of flavors. Keep the pineapples on the outside of the cup. Make a mug like this at one of our Mug Designing classes.

Or if you want to take your fresh fruit love on an outing you can make custom canvas blankets (via Brit + Co)

photo via Brit + Co

Or if you want to use a real pineapple for some authentic party decoration, enhance a pineapple’s natural beauty by painting the top of it fun colors! This is basically the pineapple equivalent to contouring your face. (via PopSugar)

pineapple beauty queens by  PopSugar

pineapple beauty queens by PopSugar

Once you are done with your colorful pineapple, you can scoop out the center and use it for a vase! (but don’t throw out that golden fruit! save it for the recipe coming up at the end of the post) 

Floral and fruity goodness via Beau-Coup

Now once you have all that pineapple yumminess scooped out, stick it in the freezer to make sunshine in a cup, aka Pineapple Dole Whip! This recipe is super easy and vegan! I personally like to add a extra pineapple juice on top, and of course add one of those mini paper umbrellas. Just follow this easy recipe to have you tummy filled to the brim with pineapple.

Deliciousness made by Bigger Bolder Baking

Check out more pineapple themed crafts on our Pinterest board!