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After leaving her teaching job in Singapore and relocating to the UK, Joyce Lee took pen to paper and created Artsynibs. Dedicated to bringing the art of beautiful writing into the 21st century, Joyce hosts workshops all over the world to share her singular mix of traditional style with a modern feel.

We’re so excited to have Joyce with us this week hosting two exclusive workshops: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy and Brush Lettering for Beginners. Make sure to grab your tickets while you can!

My name is Joyce, I am jovial, and I started pointed pen calligraphy in 2014.

I get my inspiration from my surroundings – more specifically the buzz around me. That’s why I love big cities.

In my spare time I like to read and people watch.


My favorite supplies are a simple straight holder, the Nikko G nib and the Pentel Aquash Water Brush.

My favorite thing about calligraphy is its need for accuracy.

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What I love most about CraftJam is the sheer number of jamming sessions available!

My best tip for teaching someone a new craft is be kind to yourself.

The best advice I’ve ever received is that it’s only just a piece of paper (because we write mainly on paper, many tend to stress out at their first attempt with the pen and ink).

I get out of a creative rut by scribbling on a piece of blank paper.

My favorite way to challenge myself creatively is to try teaching my husband calligraphy. Ha!

My top three favorite Instagram accounts for creatives are @drcuerda, @qmike, @karaandnate

My next project is tackling a new city, business wise!

I started my business because I had a chance at doing something different in a new country.

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My favorite things about running my own business is meeting people and chatting about our journeys.

The hardest thing about running my own business is time management! Prioritizing is a tough lesson.

The one thing I wish someone would have told me when starting my own business is that when you turn your hobby into a business, you’ll need to find a new hobby!

My advice to anyone looking to start their own business is to know what you want for your brand and stick to it. We’re not made to take on every single project that comes our way.

The most important part of my business is the relationships that I’ve built and are building. It’s things like this that are worth way more than monetary profits.


What are you most looking forward to with your CraftJam class?

A crazy fantastic experience teaching in NYC!

What do you want you students to walk away from your class with?

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I’d like everyone to go away feeling confident that they can practice with the pointed pen or brush, and hopefully realise that there’s a lot more to calligraphy than what we see online!

What motivates you to teach and share your skills?

It’s probably the teacher in me. I was an educator in my past career and sharing the skill means educating the market on what to expect and be expected of.

What are you looking forward to learning this year?

Since the year’s coming to an end, I’m hoping that 2019 will teach me to feel courageous again when it comes to business!

Make sure to snag your tix to Joyce’s upcoming GuestJams: Brush Lettering for Beginners and Introduction to Modern Calligraphy!