The holidays are upon us which means gift-giving season is here, too! If you have arts and crafts lovers on your list, we have put together a handy guide of great gift ideas to make your crafty cohorts’ creative spirits soar.

1)      Give Them a Gift Card to a Crafts Store

If you’re not sure exactly what to get your artsy friends, getting them a gift card to a crafts store is always a smart choice. From Michael’s to Hobby Lobby, gifting your crafty friends with a gift card to a craft store gives them the freedom to purchase anything they’d like to enhance their crafting pursuits, from tools and materials to kits and everything in between.

2)      Treat Them to a Virtual Workshop or Arts and Crafts Class

Maybe your crafty friend is first venturing into the world of arts and crafts, or they would rather enjoy their artistic passions in an interactive, social setting in the company of others. Either way, giving the gift of a virtual arts and crafts workshop or class is an awesome gift idea they are sure to love. CraftJam offers an incredible selection of crafting workshops for artsy people of all levels, spanning a wide variety of creative interests and pastimes. So, your crafty friend is sure to find a workshop or two they will enjoy to further explore their artistic infatuations.

3)      Gift Them with Organizational Equipment for Their Arts Supplies.

So if you know your friend is very passionate about arts and crafts, but are torn about which crafting pastime they enjoy the most and/or which supplies to buy them for that activity, consider purchasing them organizational equipment instead. Every arts and crafts lover needs a place to store all their tools and materials, and they would probably be very appreciative that you considered this aspect of their crafting passion, to help them get everything organized. (and not to mention – their co-habitants they share their home with will probably be happy and thankful too!)

4)      Your Presence Makes the Best Present

If you’re uncertain about what to gift your crafty friend, and maybe curious about trying arts and crafts yourself, why not enjoy the best of both worlds and set some time aside to have crafting fun with your artsy companion? If you know what arts and crafts activity your friend enjoys, then you can purchase the supplies needed and get everything ready ahead of time, so all your pal has to do is enjoy a wonderful bonding and crafting experience with you!

5)      Personalize Their Arts Supplies or Protective Garments

Everyone appreciates a personal touch and customizing your crafty friend’s arts supplies or protective garments is sure to make their arts and crafts experience even more special. Crafting can be a messy activity, so purchasing an apron for your arts and crafts-loving friend is already a great gifting idea. Why not make it even more meaningful for your friend by embroidering their name on it? Or maybe your friend is passionate about knitting, for example. You could personalize their knitting needles by etching their name on them. Now, they are sure to think of you every time they knit a sweater or scarf, and maybe they will finally make one for you too!